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This is one skill you want to master.

After reading “Never eat alone” by Keith Ferrazzi, I was absolutely convinced how important building relationships in life are to your success. I think the quality of the your network is also inevitable. Here are some key points from the book your your success. They will more key points in subsequent posts. Stay tuned.

Chapter one: The mind-set.

  • When you help others, they often help you, success in any field is about working with people.
  • Instead of thinking “How I can you help me?” think “How can I help you”
  • Start finding future clients before you have anything to sell them, get to know them as friends, not potential customers.
  • There is genius, even kindness, in being bold, people with low tolerance for risk, whose behavior is guided by fear, have a low propensity for success, besides the worst any one can say is no.
  • Being liked can be the most potent, constructive force for getting business done.

Chapter Two: The skill Set

  • Before you meet someone, find a point of common ground that is deeper and richer than what can be discovered in a serendipitous encounter.
  • Try to make the gatekeepers your allies, never get on they bad side. Always respect the gatekeeper’s power and treat them with dignity they deserve, and when you do, doors will open to even the most powerful decision makers. Also, don’t forget to thank the gatekeepers later with a simple phone call or personal note.
  • Alway show gratitude.
  • Try to connect with super-connectors, people like Entrepreneurs, Fundraisers, politicians, Public Relations Specialists, journalists, you get the point. These people can improve your network dramatically.
  • The best icebreaker is often a few words from the heart.

I hope you begin to see the benefits here, stay tuned for subsequent posts.


Andy G. Rodie

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