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Networking – got to share this tip I recieved in the mail today

The buy one share tactic and it is a classic. This is from an individual who finds a unique to way to meet his inspirational contacts. Here is his strategy. He started buying single shares in companies not for investment purposes, but to gain access to some his inspirational contacts, people he wanted to engage in mutually beneficial relationships.

Once a year, these public companies holds an annual shareholder’s meeting, and even with one share, you gain access to the main event, gaining access to some of the most influential people in the world. Of course no one knows how many shares you own and won’t even ask and you get treated with respect.

One point to keep in mind, most of the big companies will draw a crowd, but the smaller companies, only a handful of shareholders do bother to show up.

He used this tactic to meet two high level executives, who were previously on his list of inspirational contacts.

As you might be thinking about the types of people you need to surround yourself with to achieve your goals (whether it is to change jobs, attract investors for your startup, or simply to be your mentor), this might be another tactic to use.

Kudos to the guy for sharing this brilliant idea.

Andy G. Rodie

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