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Do you really need money? Maybe not.

As an entrepreneur working on launching two businessess , you’re face with many issues daily, and undoubtedly, one of the pressing issues is money. It begs the question, do you really need money to begin. Of course, many of us have differenct advantages starting out, but as I continue to read, learn and dig for information, it is obviously becoming clear to me, that you really don’t need money. You may already have what you need.

Here is poem from Walter Goodridge, a self-made entrepreneur, that reflects this sentiment.
More about Walt later .

You Don’t Need Money

Perhaps this is the strangest concept most will ever hear I offer it to you today so henceforth you’ll be clear For most suspend their actions thinking money’s what they need And put their dreams on hold and wait for cash so they’ll succeed
But think ye friend on this for lease on life by truth is gained: This universe is perfect, ordered well and self-contained And even in societies based on a quest for gold the principles of life remain and thus, my friend, still hold
For nothing can exist without the means for its arrival and life has been endowed with what it needs for its survival Like birds have wings and eyes and instincts all that serve them well You too have skills and talents once recognized that you can sell
The artisan and healer, farmer, too and natural scholar all managed to survive before the advent of the dollar For money’s just one means we’ve all agreed for an exchange and what we trade’s our value from which most are now estranged
By printed piece of paper people’s power’s been purloined and yet no fish or fowl needs cash, or credit, check or coin You don’t need cash (it’s true), despite how critical it seems the value in your passion is the currency of your dreams!

I received life Rhymes from Walt every friday.
His site is worth checking out. (
Thanks for your inspiration Walt.


Andy G. Rodie.


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