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Here is something for all of us to think about.

I think it puts things in perspective when we also consider others who might need a helping hand. God knows we all need that helping hand sometimes. It is necessary. Let me know what your think.

Are the shoes too big? Munson Steed Publisher of rolling out weekly

We don’t always know when we start a venture how it might eventually play out. It takes strong vision and faith to tread a rocky path. Taking on responsibility that we do not own takes a special set of circumstances, some might call it a gift; others might term it a calling, but such openness is not innate in many of us. The Virgin Mary’s Joseph was one with such a heart. Joseph accepted Mary’s son as his own and never accused her of double timing him, even as the neighbors laughed and whispered put downs behind his back. It couldn’t have been easy for him. And whether we’re referring to people in ancient times or the here and now, people’s behavior hasn’t changed all that much. It’s still difficult to do the right thing sometimes, and people will criticize you no matter what you do, so you might as well choose to fulfill your destiny.

The question for seekers trying to build a better world for everyone is how to appropriate the heart of Joseph in these trying times. Sure, it’s simpler to just take care of yourself. But not everybody is capable of caring for themselves. There are many among us who are lost in the darkness of poverty, addiction, mental illness or disease that need someone with the heart of Joseph to bring light to their corner of the world. We all have the ability to work miracles, to be angels in somebody’s life. We may not think of it as a miracle, but the recipients do. When we alleviate someone’s suffering, whether they are hungry or lonely or despondent, we are performing a sacred act. It is not charity or a favor; it is what is required of each of us.
Compassion and humility are not weaknesses; they are the bedrocks upon which any civil society must be composed. Joseph accepted his responsibility in a miracle—despite inner conflicts, his own ego and others’ petty opinions—and became a dad. Somewhere, there is a hand reaching out to you, there is a heart whose ache you can fill, and there is a sick soul you can heal with kindness and love. We, each one of us, is the palliative the world needs right now. Don’t hide from your destiny; you might be delaying somebody’s miracle.


One of the best writers of our time. I just have to share his work.
Thanks for your inspiration Munson Steed.


Andy G. Rodie


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