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Gurbaksh Chahal started his first company at 16 and sold it at 18 for $40 million, then went on to start a second company and later that to yahoo for $300 million.

I’ve just read his book THE DREAM and I think it’s a great read for all aspiring entrepreneurs. Check it out and get inspired by his story.

He ends the book with 27 lessons on entrepreneurship that I would like to leave you with followed with a video by Brass Magazine.

Listen to your heart.
Forget noble motivations
Adjust your attitude
Figure out what you’re good at
Trust your gut
Do your homework
Be frugal
But don’t be frugal with hiring
Hire smart people
Don’t expect perfection, but strive for it
Learn to listen
Own your mistakes
Never compromise your morality
Never lose sight of the competition
Watch your back
Don’t procastinate
Don’t do anything by half-measures
Be nice to people
Negotiate from a position of strength
Expect the unexpected
Perception is reality
Don’t get emotional
Be fearless
Pick your battles
Grow a think skin
Take chances
When you commit, you really have to commit

I hope you got inspired.


Andy G. Rodie

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