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Boom – why it’s not business as usual.

Times has changed and it is not business as usaul for entrepreurs if you want to succeed this competitive enviroment. Just completed a great business book by Kevin and Jackie Freiberg titled BOOM 7 CHOICES FOR BLOWING THE DOORS OFF BUSINESS AS USUAL. I think it’s a must read for employees and executives alike, looking for a fresh new way for doing business.

The book ends with the manifesto with gives the gist of the entire book and a geat summary of the 7 choices. Here it is

The freedon to choose may be the most powerful attribute and precious resource I have in my life. It shapes who I become, the success I achieve, and my influence in the world. I am a product of my choice, not my conditions.

Choice # 1 I choose to be player.

Choice # 2 I choose to be accountable

Choice # 3 I choose Service of Self-interest

Choice # 4 I choose to focus forward

Choice # 5 I choose to play to my genius

Choice # 6 I choose to get it done

Choice # 7 I choose to risk more and gain more

It’s a ultrafresh approach to creating a culture of commitment and accountability.
People will realize their value at work and the difference they can make daily. Again, it’s a companywide must read.


Andy Rodie

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