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Daily Thought – Your Choice.

Just discover Ralph Marston and his blog and I just have to share what this guy is all about. Great daily motivators I will be sharing in the future. Enjoy.

Daily Thought

Your choice

You can resent the amount of work you have to do. Or you can
get busy and use it as an opportunity to create great value.

You can see each setback as a fatal blow to the achievement
of your dream. Or you can learn from all the ups and the
downs and make the achievement of your dream all the more
valuable as a result of each challenge.

You can pounce upon each bit of bad news and extrapolate it
to portend the end of the world. Or you can celebrate the
fact that bad news is news only because it is so relatively

You can sit and wait and complain and convince yourself that
things will never get better. Or you can enthusiastically
jump forward and make life the best it can be.

Whatever the situation, whoever is involved, you always have
a choice. Choose each time to express the authentic beauty
of your being, and live in a world where life is so very

Ralph Marston


Andy Rodie.

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