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Wealth and Health Expo by Louis Lautman.

The wealth and health expo
Time: May 8, 2009 at 9pm to May 10, 2009 at 7pm
Location: Fort Lauderdale
Organized By: Louis Lautman

Event Description:
Come see the visionary of the Health and Wealth Annex speak and hear why people keep raving , and why America’s TOP innovative entrepreneurs, leading speakers and educators are lining up to speak at this 3 day event!
Top benefits people say the get from attending the Health & Wealth ANNEX–
 Break through FEAR
 Discover their own talents and find their passion in life (priceless)
 Complete transformation of their HEALTH lifestyle, recondition their habits
 Get inner peace, fulfillment, and happiness. Get back the honor and power to their word
 Build the inner success mindset
 Create their game, start playing it in life, and the training & structures to win that game!
The cost is ONLY $149 to ATTEND. Three days of intense learning and discovery.


Andy Rodie.


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