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I would like to share this post from Ronn Torossian’s blog,
CEO of 5WPR. Looking a great PR Firm, please go to

I’ve been working tremendously long hours these last few weeks, and with the changing economy I’m even more knee-deep in client work than usual. I am emotionally invested and intensely involved with client work – A 5 hour strategy session today with a major financial client, followed by a 2 hour conference call with a technology media company for example. The work is fun and challenging, but emotionally and intellectually draining. Great clients are essential in these times – Great clients who are good, smart people, who allow someone who owns a service business like myself to feel appreciated… and give us that rush (and of course pay their bills on time).

It’s 11:15 PM and I have literally worked nonstop since 7 AM…and on top of that, I have an 8 PM client event tomorrow night, and two client events this weekend, but this is the price I believe is necessary for success.

Owning a PR agency, I am very blessed and thankful for us to be where we are and believe we are very well suited for the days, weeks and months ahead. Focused, aggressive, hard working, and in the trenches with our clients. There’s nowhere I’d rather be.

Ronn Torossian



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Perfect time to start a business

Perfect Time” to Start a Business, Says Entrepreneur:
Tips to Becoming Your Own Boss

Posted Jul 03, 2009 07:00am EDT by Peter Gorenstein in Investing, Internet, Media Related: pcln, ^dji, ^gspc, qqqq
The worst job market in a generation is getting worse. The unemployment rate in June rose to 9.5% – the highest since the early 80s. All told, almost 15 million Americans are out of work.

So what’s a new grad or a displaced worker to do? Create your own job. That’s the advice of serial entrepreneur Jeff Hoffman. “Now that there aren’t jobs – high unemployment and it’s just not as safe to be in big corporate America – it’s a perfect time to be more innovative, more creative and plot out your own future.”

He should know. Hoffman was a founding employee of before moving to Enable Holdings, the parent company of auction house and retailer

His tips for those looking to be their own boss:

Don’t put your dreams on hold. “Wherever there’s chaos or crisis, there’s opportunity.”
Be a problem solver. “When there are problems there are


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