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Perfect time to start a business

Perfect Time” to Start a Business, Says Entrepreneur:
Tips to Becoming Your Own Boss

Posted Jul 03, 2009 07:00am EDT by Peter Gorenstein in Investing, Internet, Media Related: pcln, ^dji, ^gspc, qqqq
The worst job market in a generation is getting worse. The unemployment rate in June rose to 9.5% – the highest since the early 80s. All told, almost 15 million Americans are out of work.

So what’s a new grad or a displaced worker to do? Create your own job. That’s the advice of serial entrepreneur Jeff Hoffman. “Now that there aren’t jobs – high unemployment and it’s just not as safe to be in big corporate America – it’s a perfect time to be more innovative, more creative and plot out your own future.”

He should know. Hoffman was a founding employee of before moving to Enable Holdings, the parent company of auction house and retailer

His tips for those looking to be their own boss:

Don’t put your dreams on hold. “Wherever there’s chaos or crisis, there’s opportunity.”
Be a problem solver. “When there are problems there are


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