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Louis Lautman – an article about making it happen.

The YES Movie

Louis Lautman, producer.

Louis relates how his attitude got this project up and running.

I woke up last year on my 30th birthday and thought to myself that there had to be more. I knew I was an entrepreneur, but wondered if I was still a young entrepreneur. I had always gravitated toward other young successful people and others always wondered how I did so much at such a young age, but I knew I had more in me. I thought about all the amazing young people I had met over the years, then started researching more and thought that there were some amazing stories out there that I bet most of the world didn’t know about and would love to hear.
I wondered what would be the best way to get the stories out about these amazing young geniuses, then it hit me…make a movie. I loved the idea, only…I had never made a movie before or even knew how. But I knew I could do anything in this world and if I let this chance pass me by, I would never get over it.
I am all about taking action and seizing opportunity and I knew that this is where my path was meant to go…or at least I said so! I believe you don’t find your destiny, but de-fine your destiny.
I began to intensely research every aspect of the film world, from pre-production to post production to marketing to distribution and everything in between.

I was like a mad scientist researching around the clock as if I was coming up with a cure for cancer and after about 2 months of research, I began the pre-production phase of the YES movie. I could have been nervous, but I decided to be excited, at every step of the way from interviewing production companies to arranging our shots to setting up a 3 month tour of the United States of America.
I was fired up and ready to meet the nations most successful young self-made multi-millionaires. As the production crew and I took off around the country, I look back and think about all the amazing people I met along the way and each person taught me so much about business and life and true happiness. As a first time film producer, I felt very happy that I made it to the production phase. Many filmmakers and people who want to start their own business never see their dream come to fruition for many reasons, but the biggest excuse I hear is that they don’t have the money.

I can tell you that “WHATEVER your dream is, there is always money out there to make it a reality!” If you want coaching on how to find the funds, you will have to watch our movie, I can tell you that everything went perfect if I wanted, because I believe that everything did…however, that is not to say that things didn’t go over budget, we got lost, we missed appointments, we missed flights, equipment broke, we were stuck in traffic, blah, blah, blah, blah!
None of that matters, what matters is that I spent 3 months on the road and got the footage that I needed and It Rocked. So as we went into the post-production phase, I was fortunate to hook up with Emmy-Award winning writer Robyn Symon and Lifestyle Production guru Bernard Bonomo. With this awesome combination, our film was sure to be “World Class.”
Again, I could tell you about the challenges in the relationship or re-arranging our schedules or losing data in computer crashes and the challenges of setting the strategy to make this the best film ever made on the topic of young entrepreneurship, but as you will learn when you watch the film is that successful entrepreneurs all go through “stuff” and its not the “stuff” that matters, but how you react to that stuff that matters and what you do about it. What I did was make a “World Class Film” despite all the “stuff” that happened along the way..
We are just now finishing up post production and putting on the final touches of this revolutionary film and have just hired the best Public Relations Firm in the World, Stellar Communications headed by Kate Romero and John Stellar. These two highly-conscious PR alchemists will connect the dots that need to be connected to bring this film into a world-wide phenomenon status.
As more and more media outlets are beginning to spotlight my journey and story of the other amazing young entrepreneurs in our film, the world is beginning to open their mind to looking at what is possible for a young person in terms of making a positive impact in the world and taking ownership of their destiny.

If you are even remotely thinking about starting a business or want to bring your existing business to the next level, you must join the Young Entrepreneur Society and see the film that started this society. If you are still reading this, you know I am talking to you…you have made it this far, don’t turn back…you are on the right path. Trust yourself and your creativity and genius within, it was divinely put there. I would love to hear all about you becoming the next YOUNG ENTREPRENEUR!

Enjoy the YES movie at
Your Fellow Young Entrepreneur,

Louis Lautman

Executive Producer of the YES movie & founder of the Young Entrepreneur Society


Andy Rodie

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