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Harvey Mackay’s ABCs of Selling

I’ve read his books and listen to him on many interviews, Harvey Mackay is the real deal. I love his perspective on selling and networking. This is a great post from Keith Ferrazzi’s blog, check it out.

The great Harvey Mackay’s new book is out – The Mackay MBA of Selling in the Real Word. Covering everything from how to find the right mentor to earning the loyalty of your customers to overcoming rejection, Mackay delivers road-tested, real-world selling advice that has stood the test of time.

As today’s post, I give you a taste of the new book with Harvey’s ABCs of Selling – I encourage you to tweet one of these, or make it today’s mantra!

A – Availability for your customers is essential, so they can reach you with questions, concerns or reorders.

B – Believe in yourself and your company, or find something else to sell.

C – Customers aren’t always right, but if you want to keep them as your customers, find a way to make them right.

D – Deliver more than you promise.

E – Educations is for life – never stop learning.

– Follow up and follow through. Never leave a customer hanging.

G – Goals give you a reason to go to work every day. When you reach your goals, set higher ones!

H – Humanize your selling strategy by learning everything you can about your customers.

I – I is the least important letter in selling.

J – Join trade organizations and community groups that will help you both professionally and personally, such as Toastmasters, Chamber of Commerce or Junior Achievement.

K – Know your competitors and their products as well as you know your own.



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