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Mystery solved.

This is in a lot of ways a welcome back post. Since my last post I’ve relocated and started a business with a busines partner and everything is good and getting better. I will share more details on this venture in future post which hopefully will be much more regular.

Here is the thing, since being here, I have dealt with a lot of people in trying to get things done. It amazes me how negative people are and don’t know it and how few positive people there are around. I did found some notes on this particular topic from my favorite publisher “Munson Steed”

Here it is.

There are two kinds of people in the world.

One group curses the darkness. The other group turns on the light or opens their eyes. One group walks on the moon. The other group won’t walk through the door. One group is constantly befuddled by the mysteries of life. The other group has broken the ancient code: there is no mystery in life, save one; what you will be you are now becoming. In other words, there is no secret code, no puzzle, no conundrum to unravel. You are choosing your future every day with every breath that you draw.

Can you pass the test? People who become doctors, lawyers and electricians have to pass tests. Which means they have to attend classes or serve an apprenticeship or both in order to ply their trade. They have to make a commitment of time, money and effort to effect a change in their fortune. They may not like it, they may not think it’s cool, but they choose to chase the validation afforded by an education, rather than a pseudo placidity for the sake of street cred. Others pass up every opportunity at a better life.

One group chooses a better life. The other chooses to believe the odds are stacked against them. They believe and accept their misfortune, bad luck or karma as real. Why fight it? Every time you get up on one knee, something or someone else knocks you back down, so just accept the status quo and take another toke. Or abuse your family. Or kill somebody with anything but kindness. Or part the air with invectives designed to maim the victim beyond recognition.

There are two kinds of people in the world.

One group curses the darkness. The other group knows it’s an illusion. One group is confounded by the mysteries of life. Negativity and his addled younger brother, futility, enslave them. But hold your pity. They would rather stumble about, bumping into each other, than open their eyes to reality.
I took this picture of the city from inside a darkened room. The big city wasn’t a mystery to me because I wasn’t peering through rose-colored lenses. I determined long ago that I wouldn’t allow anything to consume me or negatively affect who I am. Don’t let life be a mystery simply because you refuse to take those blinders off. Solve your mystery.


Peace to you Munson Steed.

Hope it shed some light on you.



Andy G. Rodie.

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