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Mr. Marketer.

You know I always find little snips of information useful and inspirational. Sometimes I keep and file them away sometimes I don’t. I’ve decided to keep them and post them this blog to share.


Want some business advice? Go to the man who defined the deal as an art form and turned the phrase “You’re Fired” into a trademark. We asked The Donald: How do you it? His response:
Realize that being an entrepreneur is not a group effort. You’re in charge. Everything starts with you.
Whatever happens you’re responsible. If it doesn’t happen you’re responsible.
Think of yourself as a one man army. You are not only the Commander-in-Chief you’re the soldier as well. You must plan and execute your plan alone.
Don’t expect anyone to be on your side.
Use your imagination. Use your intelligence to execute what your imagination present to you.
Put everything you’ve got into everything you are doing. Nothing should be haphazard.
Ask yourself: what is it I can provide that doesn’t already exist?
See yourself as victorious. This will focus you in the right direction.
See other people saying “I wish I’d that idea.”
Never give up. Be tough. Apply your skills and talent, but above all be tenacious.ere’s a few from Mr. Trump that I’ve found in The New York Enterprise Report July 15 2004.

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